Valentino Grey Applique Bag

valentino grey applique bag Valentino Grey Applique BagValentino brown and grey rose applique Bag

Valentino is a stunning, luxurious, romantic brand. Most of Valentino’s bags tend to features roses, and ruffles, making their bags very delicate, soft and feminine. I have featured the beautiful purple and black, and red and pink Valentino rose ruffled applique bags, which are simply stunning. This gray (or silver) and brown version of the Valentino rose applique bag is quite a disappointment though. I think the coloring is way off. The color silver and brown look hideous together, and really don’t do the bag any favors. If you are going to go for the Valentino rose applique bag, I recommend you go for the other two, as opposed to this one. If you like this one though, buy through Luisa Via Roma

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