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Chloe Nubuck Marcie

chloe medium marcie grained nubuck tote Chloe Nubuck MarcieChloe Marcie Grained Nubuck £1115

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The Chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote is made with nubuck, and beautiful material. I absolutely adore this chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote, the dark brown Nubuck is so soft and silky, it almost looks like suede. I love the dark red brown structured top handle. The combination of dark brown and gold looks amazing. This Chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote has one internal pocket and a zip pocket. The chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote also has some beautiful gold hardware. Made in Italy, the chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote also has a detachable leather strap, allowing you to wear the chloe Nubuck Marcie Tote as a cross body bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Chloe Small Marcie Cross body bag

chloe nut marcie small Chloe Small Marcie Cross body bagChloe Marcie Small £709

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The Chloe Small Marcie is a smaller version of the chloe Marcie and is ultra cute. The Chloe small Marcie is a smaller version of the wildly popular Chloe Marcie bag sported by numerous hot celebs. The Chloe small marcie is a more petite and affordable option. The chloe marcie small shoulder bag makes a great cross body bag and is light and versatile. The Chloe small marcie is available in black, nut and tan. My favourite is the tan chloe small Marcie. Made with 100% calfskin, with a zip closure, one internal pocket and is made in Italy. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Chloe Marcie Tresse

Chloe Tresse Marcie Chloe Marcie TresseChloe Marcie Tresse Tote £1129

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The Chloe Marcie Tresse Tote is a variation of the hugely popular Chloe Marcie, but the difference is that the Tresse has more of a cool hippie vibe, what with the plait stitching around the front of the Chloe Marcie. The Chloe Marcie Tresse Tote is more youthful and beautiful than the original Marcie. I think the Chloe Marcie Tresse Tote is a brilliant adjustment to the Chloe Marcie. The Chloe Marcie Tresse Tote has dual shoulder straps and a longer thin cross body strap. The Marcie Tresse Tote is available in black, camel and light grey. I must say that the camel Chloe Marcie Tresse Tote is by far my favourite. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Chloe Marcie Square Wallet

Chloe Marcie Square Wallet Chloe Marcie Square WalletChloe Marcie Wallet £250

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This beautiful Chloe Marcie Square Wallet is absolutely exquisite. The exact wallet match for the Chloe Marcie, this Chloe Marcie Wallet is ultra cool and hip. The Chloe Marcie bag is a huge celeb favourite, and is a massive hit. So if you get the Chloe marcie hobo, you should definately get the Chloe marcie wallet to match, and vice versa! Like it’s hobo counterpart, the chloe marcie wallet is made with 100% calfskin. I love the little gold hoop clasp on the Chloe marcie wallet and the dual little toggles. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie rose Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie Hobo

The Chloe Marcie Bag is the latest Chloe bag to hit the scene and is featured in a lot of Chloe’s latest ad campaigns. I personally think that the Marcie is stunning. It has a smart look, but at the same time it’s casual and beautiful. The Chloe Marcie actually has a bit of a French Connection vibe. Maybe because it’s smart but also great quality and edgy. Of course, it’s much better quality than French Connection, but it just has that kind feel to it. Chloe is one of my favourite brands (and that’s not just because my name is Chloe!) I really think that Chloe creates the most beautiful bags out there. They are incredibly high quality, look simple and stunning, and the leather is to die for. The style of the Chloe Marcie is really gorgeous. The Marcie practical, stylish, distinctive, and beautiful. The front of the Chloe Marcie has a flap, and has a more accessibly pocket other than the main one. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

marcie1 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie11 Chloe Marcie

chloe red marcie Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie brown2 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie black1 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie blue Chloe Marcie

marcie2 Chloe Marcie

Celebs Sporting the Fabulous Chloe Marcie

Anna Paquin looking cute with her beautiful Chloe Black Marcie

Anna Paquin Chloe Marcie Black Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie on Katie Holmes’s arm, Suri in the other

Screen Shot 2012 01 13 at 18.13.00 Chloe Marcie

Emma Stone with her Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie celeb Chloe Marcie

Emma Stone Chloe Marcie Chloe Marcie

Reese Witherspoon sporting the gorgeous Chloe Marcie

reese withspoon chloe marcie Chloe Marcie

Jessica Alba with her gorgeous little her and her gorgeous Chloe Marcie

jessica alba chloe marcie1 Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie Ads

The Chloe oak Marcie looks absolutely gorgeous with this outfit. The Marcie makes the perfect bag for work. Looks so stunning with the beige pants and light blue shirt.

chloe marcie ad1 Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie is beige, -I prefer the brown

chloe marcie advert Chloe Marcie

Chloe Snakeskin Marcie’s. These look expensive!

chloe marcie ad Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie as seen on the Chloe Website

chloe marcie1 Chloe Marcie