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Sparkle with the Gold Mulberry Bayswater


Mulberry Gold Bayswater Sparkle with the Gold Mulberry BayswaterMulberry Bayswater Gold £875

The Mulberry Bayswater is probably one of the most iconic bags in existence. The Bayswater is a take on the much more expensive Hermes Birkin. Lucky for us, the Mulberry Bayswater is just as chic and elegant, and has a much more friendly price tag! The Mulberry Bayswater is a huge celebrity hit, and virtually anyone who is anyone has a Mulberry Bayswater. It’s like the staple bag that should be in every girls wardrobe. I must say, I absolutely love this metallic gold leather version of the classic Bayswater. The gold really jazes up an otherwise quite traditional bag. This gold Mulberry bayswater makes a great summer bag, as gold really brings out a tan. It would go well throughout the year though, as gold is one of those colors that goes with everything. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry tiger print Bayswater clutch

mulberry baywater Mulberry tiger print Bayswater clutchMulberry pink tiger Bayswater clutch £403

I absolutely LOVE this Mulberry tiger print Bayswater clutch. I really am in love with it. This pink tiger bayswater clutch is so absolutely gorgeous. I am smitten with the tiger print and color combination of the soft pink and silver tiger print. It’s a great combination!! The cherry on the cake is the beautiful shiny copper clasp, typical of the Baywater bag. The Bayswater tiger print Mulberry clutch is a fold over, and has a zip closure. This Bayswater clutch is the perfect party clutch. So fierce and feminine. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf Bayswater tote

Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf Bayswater tote Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf Bayswater tote

Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf Bayswater tote £1,650

The Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf Bayswater tote is this seasons latest Mulberry Bayswater. The Bayswater Camel leopard tote is unique, interesting, and is the perfect embodiment of this season’s hottest trend: leopard print. The haircalf is absolutely gorgeous, and is incredibly desirable and unique. The Mulberry Camel leopard haircalf bayswater is glamorous, sexy and trendy. A great addition to your 2010 autumn wardrobe. The Camel Bayswater haircalf also features an interior belt to enable widening for extra space, making it very versatile. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Bayswater Ostrich

Mulberry Bayswater Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater OstrichMulberry Bayswater Ostrich

The Mulberry Bayswater is a handbag classic. It’s probably one of the most popular designer bags around. I’ve seen it in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, but I have to say, the ostrich version of the Mulberry Bayswater is quickly becoming my favourite. The plum color gives the Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater a unique regal richness, and the expensive solid ostrich skin gives it an incredibly expensive glamour that only ostrich leather can achieve. Purple has recently become one of my favourite colors for a handbag. It’s not a color you usually see in a handbag, as bags are very material possessions, and purple is quite a spiritual color. However, you mix the two and you get a perfect balance. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Python Bayswater

Mulberry Python Bayswater Mulberry Python Bayswater

Mulberry Python Bayswater

The Mulberry Python Bayswater is exclusive to Selfridges. The stunning pink python look instantly updates the iconic Mulberry Bayswater, making it current, youthyful, and hip. I don’t know what it is about python, but I just think that it goes perfectly with a denim jacket. The pink python is also so girly and fun. This baby is only available exclusively at Selfridges. Grab it while you still can! It’s quite rare so get such a different, colourful Mulberry Bayswater, and as I’m sure you know, the Mulberry Bayswater NEVER goes out of style. It is a classic. Buy through Luisa via Roma

Mulberry Pink Cheetah Bayswater

mulberry pink leopard bayswater Mulberry Pink Cheetah BayswaterMulberry Cheetah Haircalf Bayswater Tote $2,650

It it just me, or does this Mulberry Bayswater Cheetah tote stink?! I just think it’s way of the top, -way too busy. The cheetah print is too small, and gives the bag a very scatty look. However, praise is due to mulberry for at least thinking up such a crazy look for the popular mulberry Bayswater tote. You couldn’t wear this Mulberry Cheetah Haircalf Bayswater to work, it draws way too much attention to itself. If, on the other hand, you have a very quirky wild dress sense, and like things that are out there, this could be the bag for you. The Mulberry Bayswater Cheetah print tote has got the classic stylish Mulberry bayswater shape, and style appeal, it could perhaps be reined in a bit with a more subdued outfit. Buy this pink Mulberry Cheetah haircalf Bayswater through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Bayswater Sleeve

mulberry bayswater laptop sleeve Mulberry Bayswater SleeveMulberry Laptop Sleeve £349

For all of you fashionable Mac enthusiasts who happen to also be die hard Mulberry Bayswater fans, you are in for a treat! Apple has teamed up with Mulberry to produce some sexy protection for your Macs! For years now, I have owned numerous mac laptops and in all this time, I have been on a quest to find a stylish looking fashionable cover for my Mac, but to no avail. Finally though, it looks like Apple has woken up to its fashion savvy clientele, and has started catering for those of us who wish to look good while carrying our macs. The white patent leather Mulberry Bayswater laptop sleeve is a real beauty. Stylish, elegant, luxury, sexy… It has an interior pocket for your ipod or iphone, and other essentials. You can carry the sleeve by itself or within another bag. I would not carry it in another bag though, -this stunner should be shown off!! The bayswater sleeve is designed to fit the 13″ Mac Book Pro, Mac Book, and the Mac Book Air. So if you own one of these, go and treat yourself to this stunning leather Bayswater Macbook Pro cover, you won’t regret it!! Or your could even buy the Mulberry Bayswater sleeve and then get the mac to match…! I also love the matte finish of the navy blue soft leather mulberry mac book sleeve. The red leopard is my least favorite. I think it’s too loud and in your face.

Mulberry Patent Black Bayswater

mulberry Patent Black Bayswater Mulberry Patent Black Bayswater

Mulberry Patent Black Bayswater £695

This shiny black patent leather Mulberry Bayswater is simply stunning. The PVC look of this Mulberry Patent Black Bayswater makes it ultra sexy and seductive. The bag stands out with its sleek, sophisticated, and cool eye catching finish. It has a very polished feel to it and will glam up any outfit. Would look great with jeans. The shiny black PVC gives this mulberry Bayswater a is a bad girl dominatrix look but still retains the effortless chic style of the class as its embodied in the classic Bayswater shape. So you won’t look trashy! Sexy and sophisticated are two words that would define this bag. Buy through Luisa via roma

Mushroom Mulberry Bayswater Glazed Goat Bag

mulberry bayswater1 Mushroom Mulberry Bayswater Glazed Goat BagMushroom Mulberry Bayswater Leather Bag

This mushroom colored patent Mulberry goat skin Bayswater bag is simply stunning. The bag is a really cool variation of the typical colored Bayswater bags. This bag is different. It’s for the less conventional non conformist girl who wants to have fun, but still has class and elegance.  This bag is day bag and will make any outfit look super classy and elegant. Buy through luisa via roma

Mulberry Oak Bayswater

mulberry oak bayswater Mulberry Oak BayswaterMulberry Oak Bayswater £805

This stunning oak Mulberry Bayswater bag is a definite investment. The color is classic and so is the bag. You can guarantee that this bag will go with any outfit and is the perfect essential day bag. The oak (or cuoio) color of the Bayswater handbag gives it a classy yet casual look. You can wear the bag day in and day out and never get sick of it. The cuoio color goes with everything!

The Bayswater’s simple yet classic design is a recognised status symbol all over the world. No matter what language you speak, everyone speaks Mulberry bayswater and it speaks class, style, and elegance! I have seen city workers wear this handbag to work, housewives wear this bag to do their shopping, and fashioistas wear it on the weekend. One thing all these women have in common: they have the it bag that never goes out of style.

The bag has a suede interior, a postman’s lock and a small padlock. The two handles make the Bayswater bag ideal for wearing over your shoulder as a shoulder bag or in your hands, as a tote. The handbag has a flap closure, interior pockets and a buckle at the front. The leather oak bayswater handbag is a definate staple piece for your wardrobe. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Blake Lively with her Mulberry Bayswater

mulberry bayswater blake lively Mulberry Oak Bayswater

Alexa Chung with her Oak Mulberry Bayswater

alexa chung oak bayswater Mulberry Oak Bayswater

Emma Roberts rocking a her mulberry Bayswater

Emma Roberts looks beautiful, much like her Aunt Julia Roberts, and rocks this Mulberry Bayswater bag with style. The Bayswater really suits her, and I love the color choice!

emma roberts Mulberry Oak Bayswater