Sara Berman Slouchy Studded Leather Bag

sara berman slouchy studded leather bag Sara Berman Slouchy Studded Leather Bag

Sara Berman Slouchy Studded Leather Bag $290

This antique rose soft leather Sara Berman Slouchy studded leather bag is absolutely beautiful. The soft pink leather is young and hip, and the different sized and colored studs give the bag a very subtle, but pretty, joyful feel to it. The stud detailing is delicate yet bold, and really gives this Sara Berman bag inmense character. The combination of different studs is very unique. If you look closely you will see that there are pearls, gold tonned brass studs, silvery studs, and other types of studs. I also like the two rings on the strap which can be moved to adjust the shape. The interior has a satin leopard print lining with two interior pouch pockets. Overall, this Sara Berman Slouchy Studded bag is a stunning shoulder bag, and an absolute steal at £290. Buy through the luisa via roma $290

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