Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa

Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa

Mulberry Pink Oversized Alexa £731

The Mulberry Alexa has proven to be a massive hit and a huge success story for Mulberry. The Mulberry Alexa has become the iconic bag, up there with the Mulberry Bayswater. Inspired by fashion icon and model Alexa Chung, the Mulberry Alexa epitomises London chic. Now available in hot pink, the pink Mulberry Alexa is a gorgeous addition to the collection and allows you to express your girly femininity. This unique Mulberry Alexa is guaranteed to get you noticed for being a fashion forward gal who is on top of her fashion game. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

PinExt Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa

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