Pautric Sweeney Box Tote

Pautric Sweeney large Box Tote Pautric Sweeney Box TotePautric Sweeney Large Box Tote £1438

This Pautric Sweeney Box Tote is super stunning. Slouchy, cool, casual, and sexy. The Pautric Sweeney Box Tote features the same snakeskin that has become a signiture feature of Pautric Sweeney’s bags. The brown leather straps give the Pautric Sweeney Box Tote a casual, earthy feel. I absolutely adore the long gold rectangular hardware which attaches the brown leather straps to the box tote. The Pautric Sweeney large Box Tote is made 50% of python and 50% calfskin. The box tote by Sweeney has a light blue lining and an internal zip pocket. One really cool thing about the Pautric Sweeney large Box Tote is its versatility: there are three different lengths to the shoulder straps – very cool! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Pauric Sweeney Pautric Sweeney Box Tote


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