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Mulberry Neely Mulberry Steel NeelyMulberry Neely Steel £650

I am crazy in love with the new Mulberry Steel Neely, which is part of Mulberry’s Autum Collection. The Mulberry Steel Neely look like a briefcase, but has a feminine twist to it. I actually prefer it to the old Bayswater which I’m getting very sick of. I mean, people, be original! Stop buying the same Mulberry bag that everyone else has! Be unique and get something different. If I were to buy a Mulberry bag at the moment, this one would definitely be it. It’s smart, sophisticated, cool, sassy, and kind of has that Alexa Chung feel to it. In fact, I would say that the Mulberry Steel Neely is more Alexa Chung than the Mulberry Alexa. The Mulberry Steel Neely makes the perfect office bag, but you could wear this bag anywhere really. The gorgeous brown leather top handle has a lovely structure to it, and the long detachable shoulder strap also allows you to go hands free and wear the Mulberry Steel Neely over your shoulder or as a cross body bag. I forsee the Mulberry Neely replacing the Mulberry Bayswater as every woman’s office bag. The Mulberry Bayswater, although incredibly fashionable, is getting a bit tired. Its time for a change. I much prefer the masculinity of the Mulberry Neely. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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