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Mulberry Mila

| January 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Mulberry Soft Matte Calf Mila Shoulder Bag1 Mulberry Mila

Mulberry Mila Shoulder Bag £1016

The Mulberry Soft Matte Calf Mila Shoulder Bag is one of Mulberry’s latest bags. Different, unusual, this bag is ultra cool. The Mulberry Mila reminds me of the Mulberry Alexa. A more masculine, bolder variation of the Mulberry Alexa, the Mulberry Mila is more edgy. In fact, the Mulberry Mila has a slight travel bag vibe to it. The Mulberry Mila comes in two colors: chestnut, and electric blue. The Chestnut version of the Mila is a practical down to earth color, and will go with everything. The electric blue is a more daring color. It’s beautiful, and looks great with the beautiful black leather handles, but you have to be secure enough to be able to pull it off. The Mulberry Mila has two leather top handles and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, also allowing you to wear it as a cross body bag. One interesting feature of the Mulberry Mila is the numerous buckles in the leather attached to the bag, which is an extension of the top handles. Clearly, these are not necessary for functionality, they just look cool. The Mulberry Mila also features the Mulberry logo tree etched into the leather on the lower front of the bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Ferne Cotton with her Mulberry Mila

Mulberry Mila Ferne Cotton Mulberry Mila

PinExt Mulberry Mila

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