Mulberry Pink Cheetah Bayswater

mulberry pink leopard bayswater Mulberry Pink Cheetah BayswaterMulberry Cheetah Haircalf Bayswater Tote $2,650

It it just me, or does this Mulberry Bayswater Cheetah tote stink?! I just think it’s way of the top, -way too busy. The cheetah print is too small, and gives the bag a very scatty look. However, praise is due to mulberry for at least thinking up such a crazy look for the popular mulberry Bayswater tote. You couldn’t wear this Mulberry Cheetah Haircalf Bayswater to work, it draws way too much attention to itself. If, on the other hand, you have a very quirky wild dress sense, and like things that are out there, this could be the bag for you. The Mulberry Bayswater Cheetah print tote has got the classic stylish Mulberry bayswater shape, and style appeal, it could perhaps be reined in a bit with a more subdued outfit. Buy this pink Mulberry Cheetah haircalf Bayswater through Luisa Via Roma

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