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Mulberry Leopard Alexa

| March 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Mulberry Alexa tiger print Mulberry Leopard Alexa

Mulberry Alexa Pink Leopard Satchel £892 & £714

The Mulberry Leopard Alexa bag is part of mulberry’s Spring 2011 collection, and is a simply stunning addition to the Mulberry Alexa range. The Mulberry Alexa was inspired by Alexa Chung and is in fact named after her, hence the name Mulberry Alexa. According to Mulberry, the bag was ‘Inspired by and named after British style icon Alexa Chung, it reflects one of our major seasonal themes of schoolgirl naivety and effortless charm. The Mulberry leopard is big this season as people want to brighten up their wardrobe. As the economy emerges from the recession, people are becoming more adventurous, and are leaving the classic traditional ‘handbag investments’ behind, and are venturing out to the brighter louder bags, such as this leopard Mulberry Alexa Satchel.

I for one, am mad about the Alexa leopard satchel. The satchel style gives it so much character, and I think the two buckles at the front give it a really cute schoolgirl type look. The bag still maintains its air of sophistication with the classic Mulberry clasp at the front. The long thin strap means that you can wear it as a cross body bag, but there is also an option to carry it in your hands. I really like the plaited handle, -it ads such a fun touch. The Mulberry pink Alexa Leopard is available through Luisa via Roma

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