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Mulberry Leah Messenger Bag

| April 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

mulberry leah Mulberry Leah Messenger Bag

Mulberry Leah

Mulberry, the classic British leather brand, known for well made leather goods, has broken its traditional conventional mold and ventured out into the world of fashion forward thinking. Mulberry bags tend to be quite classic, but I am getting pretty excited about their move into bag innovation. We have the new it iconic Mulberry Alexa, which has quickly become a cult classic and most colors have already sold out. And now we have this: beautiful, stunning, cool Mulberry Leah. The first thing that strikes me about this bag is the incredible peony pink leather. It is rare to see a bag in this color and what a welcome surprise! ThisMulberry Leah Bag has an air of freshness to it. It’s youthful and cool. The duffel shape is stunning, and the price tag is another very welcome surprise, another thing Mulberry is known for, -their bags aren’t outrageously overpriced. I love this bag and want it! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Kate Bosworth with her mulberry Leah in Pale Pink

kate bosworth mulberry leah Mulberry Leah Messenger Bag

PinExt Mulberry Leah Messenger Bag

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