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Mulberry Bayswater Sleeve

| March 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

mulberry bayswater laptop sleeve Mulberry Bayswater SleeveMulberry Laptop Sleeve £349

For all of you fashionable Mac enthusiasts who happen to also be die hard Mulberry Bayswater fans, you are in for a treat! Apple has teamed up with Mulberry to produce some sexy protection for your Macs! For years now, I have owned numerous mac laptops and in all this time, I have been on a quest to find a stylish looking fashionable cover for my Mac, but to no avail. Finally though, it looks like Apple has woken up to its fashion savvy clientele, and has started catering for those of us who wish to look good while carrying our macs. The white patent leather Mulberry Bayswater laptop sleeve is a real beauty. Stylish, elegant, luxury, sexy… It has an interior pocket for your ipod or iphone, and other essentials. You can carry the sleeve by itself or within another bag. I would not carry it in another bag though, -this stunner should be shown off!! The bayswater sleeve is designed to fit the 13″ Mac Book Pro, Mac Book, and the Mac Book Air. So if you own one of these, go and treat yourself to this stunning leather Bayswater Macbook Pro cover, you won’t regret it!! Or your could even buy the Mulberry Bayswater sleeve and then get the mac to match…! I also love the matte finish of the navy blue soft leather mulberry mac book sleeve. The red leopard is my least favorite. I think it’s too loud and in your face.

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