Mulberry Alexa

mulberry alexa2 Mulberry Alexa

The Iconic Mulberry Alexa

The Mulberry Alexa is a bag that is going to make history. Thanks to the Alexa, Mulberry’s profits have rocketed, and its no surprise. The Mulberry Alexa is probably the most coveted bag at the moment. It has given a new meaning to the IT bag. Inspired and named after British model and style icon Alexa Chung, the Mulberry Alexa is the coolest bag out. A cross between the Bayswater and the Elkington, the Alexa is the result of two ultra cool and iconic Mulberry bags. The Mulberry Elkington was Alexa Chung’s go to bag and was actually the main inspiration of the Alexa. See wide range of Mulberry Alexa’s below, and photos of celebs with their Alexas. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

mulberry alexa pink Mulberry Alexa

mulberry alexa blue Mulberry Alexamulberry alexa brown Mulberry Alexamulberry alexa black1 Mulberry AlexaMulberry Oversized Alexa Mulberry Alexa

Leighton Meester with her Mulberry Alexa

mulberry alexa leighton meester Mulberry Alexa

Katie Holmes with her brown alexa

mulberry alexa Mulberry Alexa

Alexa Chung, whom the Mulberry Alex was names after, modelling the Oak Mulberry Alexa

oak alexa1 Mulberry Alexa

Sarah Jessica Parker with her Oak Alexa

sarah jessica parker mulberry alexa Mulberry Alexa

Kate Bosworth with her Mulberry Alexa

kate bosworth mulberry alexa Mulberry Alexa



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