Marc Jacobs The Single Quilted Bag

Marc Jacobs The Single Quilted Bag £509

marc jacobs single quilted bag Marc Jacobs The Single Quilted BagThe single quilted Marc Jacobs bag reminds me a lot of the Chanel classic. In fact, these bags are almost identical. They both have long shoulder strap chains, the shape of the bag is the same (small and rectangular) and both have a leather-quilted exterior. The only difference is in the logo and the price tag! Instead of the Chanel logo at the front of the bag on the flap you have a Marc Jacobs clasp, and instead of the price tag reaching into the thousands, this one only reaches into the hundreds! A much more affordable option. The gorgeous Marc Jacobs single quilted bag is available numerous colors and textures, included studs. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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