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Marc Jacobs Python Fanny Pack Shoulder Bag

| May 28, 2010 | 0 Comments

Python Marc Jacobs Bum Bag

marc jacobs python fanny pack Marc Jacobs Python Fanny Pack Shoulder BagA fanny pack? In the UK we call the Bum Bags. I though Bum Bags belonged to the 90s (or was it 80s) and disappeared never to be seen again. I have got to say, Fanny Packs, or Bum Bags have got to be fashion’s biggest mistake. They are so frumpy and mumsey looking! One thing I do hand to them, is that they are incredibly convenient. A bit like cross body bags, they allow you to operate hands free. In fact, you almost don’t notice that you’re carrying anything. I have to say though, fanny packs really do look naff. Naff is the only word to describe fanny packs. No matter how much you glam them up, there really is no hope. Marc Jacobs has definitely gone to great lengths to glam this fanny pack up, what with the shiny python leather, and leather tassel. He’s tried to pull all the tricks to make this bag look current and cool. However, the minute you put it around your waist it all goes to pot, as you just can’t see past the fact that it’s a bum bag (or fanny pack). What’s weird is that the title of this bag is the Marc Jacobs Fanny Pack Shoulder Bag. Perhaps they are trying to insinuate that this bag is not condemned to be a fanny pack forever. You could always wear it over your shoulder instead… Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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