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Marc Jacobs Orchid Bag

| March 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

Marc Jacobs Orchid Marc Jacobs Orchid Bag

Brown Marc Jacobs Orchid Bag

The Marc Jacobs Orchid Bag has a fun youthful plaited material handle and an interesting stitched/crochet design on the front, which is made with string-like material in the shape of an orchid. The design also  incorporates precious stones (which are known to have healing properties). The combination of these stunning features on the beautiful  soft leather (looks almost like Argentinian leather) gives the Marc Jacobs Orchid Bag a ultra hip boho appeal. Marc Jacobs seems to be moving in the direction of the Boho look with this Orchid bag, and again with the Marc Jacobs Daisy bag. Both bags have a plaited material handle, and cute quirky colorful almost south American features. Marc Jacobs has really mastered the boho look, which is definitely in and here to stay (think Anthropologie). The little lock at the front is also a very cute addition. Both orchid bags are stunning. I particularly like the color of the purple orchid bag’s pleated handle, it’s almost fluorescent, kind of an 80s look, it’s very eye catching and fun. The brown version of the Marc Jacobs orchid bag is more conventional and perhaps practical, but very cool nonetheless. Both orchid bags are available through Luisa Via Roma

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