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Marc Jacobs Little Stam Bag

| March 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

Marc Jacobs Little Stam Bag

Marc Jacobs Little Stam Bag Marc Jacobs Little Stam Bag  The opulent Marc Jacobs Little Stam Bag is a STUNNER. The shape is classy and the clasp at the top is old fashioned and classic. The Marc Jacobs little stam bag comes in several colors and textures. My favourite is the green sequins. It actually reminds me of a bag that Prada released about a year ago, which was a rectangular clutch with a gradient of green to goldish sequins, -simply stunning, but was much more expensive. I remember seeing it and thinking WOW. This Little Stam bag does the same thing, as the color and graduation of the olive green to gold sequins is what both these bags have in common. In my opinion, a perfect party bag. The similarities end there however. The little stam bag by Marc Jacobs has more of an old fashioned style to it, the shape of the bag is completely different to the Prada purse. The gold chain strap is very glam and the clasp is very traditional, but classic. This Marc Jacobs little stam bag reeks Hollywood glam. I am in love with the color of the green sequins, -the way they catch the light is really beautiful. Available in green sequins $1050, grey sequins $1960 (much pricier), black diamond stitching $1052, red diamond stitching $1503 and grey with studs $1582. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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