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Marc Jacobs Fur Bowling Bag

| October 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

Marc Jacobs Bowling Bag Marc Jacobs Fur Bowling BagMarc Jacobs Brown Fur Bowling Bag £2905

The Marc Jacobs Fur Bowling Bag is clearly covered in fur, however it does not specify in the description of the website what fur. Any suggestions? Whatever fur this is, if you are a Peta supporter, this bag is definitely not for you. If you are a fashionista who will wear fur, this Marc Jacobs Bowling bag really is a very high end sophisticated bag that is unique, cool, and sophisticated. The small gold padlock at the front of the bag adds to the expensive feel, and the dual brown leather handles allows you to carry it as a tote, or over the arm. The opening consists of silver structure, which is incredibly sturdy and luxurious. The interior of the tote features a brown material to match the bag. Overall, very appealing to the eye and touch. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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