Marc by Marc Jacobs Pixie Party Girl Tribal

tribal pixie girl bag Marc by Marc Jacobs Pixie Party Girl TribalMarc by Marc Jacobs Pixie Party Girl Tribal Shoulder bag

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Pixie Party Girl Tribal Shoulder bag is quite an unusual bag for the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, in that it’s an unlikely addition to the collection, but a welcome one. The typical Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are usually classic in shape, style, colors and leather. This pixie party girl tribal shoulder bag is a mega cool anomaly! The Pixie party girl bag is quite small and discreet and adopts the shape of a duffel bag. It has a long adjustable strap, so can be worn as a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. It reminds me of something that Mischa Barton would wear.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Pixie bag is fun, youthful, girlie and edgy. The encrusted studs combined with the shiny lambskin leather give it a rocker girl look. The bag is called the Pixie Party girl tribal Shoulder bag, because it’s a mix of party girl, tribal, and pixie. The party aspect of this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is obvious, because of the studs and leather, the tribal aspect is less obvious. But when you look closer, the tribal element because more apparent. It’s the shape of the bag and the long shoulder strap that oozes a tribal look. Pixie because it’s small and cute! This ultra cool Pixie party tribal shoulder bag comes in red and black leather. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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  1. Hillary says:

    I love the pretty nylon line! I just mentioned it in my last post. I have a large hobo bag in the bright blue. Excellent choice!

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