Halston Heritage Cleo Small Sac bag

Halston Heritage Cleo small Sac bag Halston Heritage Cleo Small Sac bagCleo small Sac bag by Halston Heritage $450

This simply stunning glamorous Heritage Cleo small sac bag is glam to the extreme, whilst maintaining an air of casual trendiness. The stunning gold metal mesh Cleo bag by Halston Heritage looks like it just stepped out of a 70s disco. Very groovy! The Halston Heritage Cleo sac bag has an interesting shape. The wide shoulder strap allows the Cleo sac to sit comfortably over the shoulder, because the nature of the strap is flat and wide. The large gold H on the side of the strap gives the Heritage Cleo bag a bling feel. Overall, a great disco bag! Buy through shop bop $450

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