Guess Noir Metallic Clutch

Guess Noir Metallic Clutch Guess Noir Metallic ClutchGuess Noir Metallic Clutch

The Guess Noir Metallic Clutch is a stunning, glam, yet youthful and cool wristlet/clutch. What’s so great about the Guess Noir Metallic Clutch is that is’s cool, hip, trendy, gorgeous looking, and incredibly affordable. At only £110 you can definitely justify buying this baby. The metallic looks a bit like denim, and is complemented beautifully with the silver studs. The large G on the front of the clutch gives it an interesting design, and looks great with the large square silver studs and the numerous small round silver studs on either side of the bag. The wristlet is small, discreet, and is perfect for a night out on the town. With the Guess noir metallic clutch, you can’t go wrong! Buy through forzieri

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