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Guess Cougar Hobo

| May 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

guess cougar bag Guess Cougar Hobo

Guess Cougar Leopard Hobo

Guess bags have become something of a phenomenon. I have noticedGuess bag shops opening up everywhere. There’s one in this new shopping center near where I live in London (Westfield) and I was recently in Durban, South Africa, and there was a guess handbag shop there, and literally every girl I saw was wearing a Guess handbag! Guess bags are hugely popular in South Africa. This could be due to the fact that they are affordable and look incredibly fashionable. This Guess Cougar Hobo in particular is a great Guess bag. The hobo shape makes it very easy to wear over your shoulder, and the large G buckle at the front makes it obvious which brand this belongs to, which is cool if you want to be associated with the brand’s philosophy of youthfulness, sexy, and provocative (at least that’s what Guess says to me). Who wouldn’t want to be associated with those values? The G buckle opens up to the front pocket, which is very useful for storing small items. The Guess Cougar hobo comes in three variations of the leopard print; white, brown and black. Buy through forzieri

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