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Givenchy Sac New Sacca Moyen

| November 22, 2009 | 0 Comments

Givenchy Sac New Sacca Moyen

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givenchy sac new sacca moyen Givenchy Sac New Sacca Moyen

I’m not so sure about this Givenchy New Sacca Moyen Sac. On the one hand, I like the tie dye effect, it’s fun and creative. On the other hand, the bag has an expensive sophisticated feel to it, which doesn’t really go that well with the tie dye effect. The plaited brown leather straps lend the bag a youthful feel, but I just feel like the colors and the shape of the bag are a bit stale and boring for the effect they are trying to achieve with the tie dye. I love Givenchy handbags, they are usually to die for, but this one is a bit of a let down. It’s confusing and lacks cohesiveness. I mean, what does this bag stand for? If you can see something in this bag that I don’t see, please fill me in! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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