Givenchy Pandora Rabbit Mini Shoulder bag

Givenchy Pandora Rabbit Mini Shoulder bag Givenchy Pandora Rabbit Mini Shoulder bagGivenchy Pandora Rabbit Mini Shoulder bag £1064

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This Givenchy Pandora is covered in Rabbit fur! I have to say, I find this slightly off putting. Ever since I bought a jacket on ebay that had rabbit fur and arrived with the most ghastly smell I have been quite put off rabbit fur. the smell of this jacket was so bad, that I took it to the dry cleaners to see if there was anything they could do with it to get rid of the smell, only to receive a phone call half an hour later telling me to come and get this thing immediately, that they couldn’t bare the smell! So in the bin it went. Ever since that day I cant say i have been too fond of rabbit fur. However, I do believe that that rabbit fur was off (if there is such a thing) and for this reason, it could have been an unusual one off. This rabbit fur Givenchy Pandora would be very suitable for the winter, and will definitely keep you warm! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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