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Givenchy Coney Pony Printed Shoulder Bag

| January 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Givenchy Coney Pony Printed Shoulder Bag Givenchy Coney Pony Printed Shoulder BagConey Pony Printed Shoulder Bag Givenchy £1263

Buy through Luisa Via Roma!

What a name! Who calls a bag a Coney Pony? Clearly Givenchy! Maybe Givenchy has run out of names to call its bags. It looks like maybe they’ve run out of designs too. What with this hideous uncoordinated mess. I mean, what were they thinking?! Maybe they weren’t…. Whatever went through their minds when Givenchy designed the Coney Poney bag, it wasn’t beauty…. The Givenchy Coney Pony belongs with the other bag rejects. There isn’t one redeeming feature about the Givenchy Coney Pony, but I will try to describe it. Made with pony hair (I assume) in a leopard design, the front flap is mostly black with a touch of white. The closure is a silver something, not sure what it is. The Coney Pony has one long adjustable shoulder strap so you can wear it over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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