Furla Perla Medium Shopper

Furla Perla Medium Shopper $479

Furla Perla Medium Shopper Furla Perla Medium ShopperFurla handbags are beautiful and well made. Renowned for their soft supple leather, Furla handbags are definitely part of the much coveted handbag gang. This Furla Perla handbag is both beautiful and feminine. The sabbia neutral color, makes is a perfect everyday bag, as neutrals go with everything. The beautiful large bow at the front gives this Furla Perla Medium Shopper a very girly boho look. Bows are in, so you don’t need to feel bashful about sporting a bag with a massive bow in the front. It isn’t OTT. Made in Italy, which is known for its style, so you can rest assured that this bag has been in good hands! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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