Fendi Bicolor Tote

fendi textured calfskin bicolor Fendi Bicolor ToteFendi Textured Calfskin Bicolor Tote £1048

This interesting new bag by Fendi is called the Fendi Textured Calfskin Bicolor Tote. Bicolor because the bag is characterised by two colors. Actually, there are more than two colors, but there are two predominant colors. The one version is green and navy blue, which I love. It’s so unusual and different. It features two light brown dual leather handles, which are sturdy, but dainty at the same time, and gold buckles. It also features a mustard colored tag, and a small padlock and key. The soft grainy pebbled leather is beautiful. The other color has navy blue as the main color and brown as the secondary, and red for the small leather tag.It seems to have become quite a trend to have a very deep lower leather exterior living. See the Chloe Charlie. Buy these Fendi bicolored bags through Luisa Via Roma

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