Fendi Striped Eel Clutch

Fendi Striped Eel clutch Fendi Striped Eel ClutchFendi Striped Eel Clutch £839

The Fendi Striped Eel Clutch to me looks a bit old fashioned. It’s something you’d expect to find in your Mum’s wardrobe! It just has that retro look. I think its a combination of the shape of the bag, the thin adjustable cross body strap and the shiny exterior of the bag. Whatever it is, this Striped Eel clutch by Fendi looks like it belongs to a more mature woman. It’s very sophisticated and high-end. I have to say, I love the effect of the shiny eel exterior. The color combination of the beige and black stripes, and the red Fendi logo against the green background is kind of quirky. I think it works really well. It’s different, bold and unique. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

fendi clutch Fendi Striped Eel Clutch

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