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Fendi Peek a Boo

| May 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

fendi peek a boo3  Fendi Peek a BooFendi Peek a Boo totes

Peek a boo, I see you…! This is the game I used to play with my sister when she was a baby, and now they have named a bag after it! The game consisted of hiding and then revealing yourself. Perhaps this is why Fendi decided to call this bag, the Peek a boo. Because it has a sexy seductive exterior that masks and even more exotic interior. You have to carefully inspect and open up the Fendi Peek a Boo tote in order to see what’s there. I absolutely adore the Peek a Boo range. The structure of the Peek a Boo tote is unbeatable and so ultra luxurious. One of the things that I love about the Fendi Peek a boo range is that it comes in so many variations. There is a color to go with every outfit, and different leathers too. The soft leather exterior characteristic of the Fendi Peek a boo tote is much like an exterior which opens to revela something even more beautiful on the inside. The Fendi Peek a Boo perfectly embodies class, style, andsophistication. The turnlock clasp at the front of the peek a boo is convenient and sophisticated. The top handle of the tote allows you to carry your Fendi Peek a Boo tote or carry it over the crook of your arm or even in your hands. The Peek a Boo by Fendi also features a longer detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to wear the peek a boo as a cross body bag. The Fendi Peek a Boo is high end luxury at its finest. The Peek a boo is sheer luxe and sophistication. The celebs tend to agree too. All the A listers have been seen sporting their very own Fendi Peek a boo. To name just a few: Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester and Sarah Jessica Parker.┬áThe Fendi Peek a Boo is here to stay and is sure to become a cult classic. Available in many different colors and textures through Luisa Via Roma

Kim Kardashian with Beige Fendi Peek a Boo

kim kardashian fendi peek a boo  Fendi Peek a Boo

Leighton Meester with Black Fendi Peek a Boo bag

Leighton Meester Fendi Peek a boo bag  Fendi Peek a Boo

Sarah Jessica Parker with her silver Fendi Peek a Boo tote

sarah jessica parker fendi peek a boo  Fendi Peek a Boo

Fendi Peek a Boo Ads

fendi peek a boo2  Fendi Peek a Boo

peek a boo fendi  Fendi Peek a Boo

PinExt  Fendi Peek a Boo

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