Dsquared2 Bug Clutch

DSquared2 Bug Clutch Dsquared2 Bug ClutchSilver Box Dsquared2 Bug Clutch $1299

This very different unusual one of a kind cool Dsquared 2 silver box bug clutch will definitely get you noticed and is a real conversation piece! This Dsquared bug clutch is really exquisite. The bug clutch consists of a rectangular silver box with black bugs on it (I think they’re flies!) and a crystal encrusted branch. The silver shiny exterior is utterly beautiful. It seems that the bug clutch is becoming something of a trend. See the D&G black bug clutch. The clutch has a magnetic closure and a colourful interior lining. The platform bottom allows you to prop this clutch on the table and show it off in its full without it falling! Only one left! Buy through Browns

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