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Derek Lam Ume Bag

| May 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

derek lam ume bag Derek Lam Ume Bag

Derek Lam Ume Bag $890

The Derek Lam Ume Bag is a celebrity favourite. Celebs such as Mila Kunis (who is absolutely beautiful, and looks gorgeous with her python cross body ume bag by Derek Lam) and Rachel Bilson have been seen with their own Ume bags. I absolutely love Mila’s outfit by the way. She looks gorgeous and comfortable in her casual outfit of baggy denim rolled up shorts, and white cotton baggy top. The Derek Lam ume python bag perfectly completes the casual look. The Derek Lam Ume bag is light, small and discreet, but has an edge to it, what with the python skin, and rams head as the clasp. So up Mila Kunis’s alley. She has a really cool style, and this python ume bag perfectly embodies it. Buy through Luisa Via Roma $890

Mila Kunis Derek Lam Ume Derek Lam Ume Bag

Mila Kunis Derek Lam Ume Bag Derek Lam Ume Bag

Mila Kunis looking cool and casual with her Derek Lam Ume Crossbody bag

Rachel Bilson Derek Lam Ume Saddle Bag Derek Lam Ume Bag

Rachel Bilson sporting her black Derek Lam Ume bag

PinExt Derek Lam Ume Bag

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