Chloe Suede Patchwork Darla

Chloe Darla Chloe Suede Patchwork DarlaChloe Suede Patchwork Darla Tote £1428

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The Chloe Suede Patchwork Darla Tote is an exquisitely beautiful tote. Again, incorporated a great deal of patchwork, which seems to a be a signiture of Chloe’s latest collection. The Chloe Darla patchwork tote mixed suede with leather and the colors are simply gorgeous. I love the soft camel leather on the upper flap and sides. The mid section of the Chloe Darla is a beautiful olive green, as are the lower sides of the Darla. Buy bottom front of the Chloe Darla is a redish brown suede, and the flap of the front pocket is a beautiful soft leather black. What’s interesting about the Chloe Darla is the clasp. Quite an intricate detailed clasp, the Chloe Darla has a miniature blacl leather pocket at the bottom of the clasp and a thin buckle strap, and a gold clasp at the top. I think its very cool! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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