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Chloe Paraty

| April 1, 2010 | 0 Comments

Chloe medium paraty tote Chloe Paraty

Chloe Paraty tote £1305

The Chloe Paraty is 2010’sIT bag. The Chloe Paraty has been featured in many of Chloe’s ads, and is one of Chloe’s most popular handbags. This is not surprising looking at this stunner. The Chloe Paraty is versatile, beautiful, distinctive, and embodies Chloe’s signature look of quality, class, smartness, and a hint of glamour. The Chloe Paraty is versatile, as you can wear it with anything. It makes a great day bag. The structure of the Chloe Paraty is very unique. It’s got a very clearly defined distinctive shape. The front of the Paraty is almost an extension of the two top handles and is a bit like an exterior long strap that is attached to the bag that has no function. It’s more like a feature of the bag. A bit like how the oversized padlock was a feature of the Chloe Paddington, it was more for show, -it just looked cool. I think Chloe has adopted a similar concept here with the Paraty. The bag also features what looks like a zip that extends down to the side of the bag all the way through the bottom. Again, I think it’s just a feature not a function of the bag. The long thin strap also means that the Chloe Paraty can also be worn as a cross body bag, making it easy and convenient to carry. The Chloe Paraty has been extensively featured in a great deal of Chloe’s ads. The Chloe Paraty is also a celebrity favourite. Numerous celebs have been seen with the Paraty, such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Katie Holmes, Emma Roberts, and Jessica Alba, to name just a few. See below. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

chloe paraty8 Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty pink Chloe Paraty

paraty1 Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty white1 Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty grey Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty bag Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty bags Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty python pink Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty brown1 Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty blue Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty red Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty black Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty peach Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty brown3 Chloe Paraty

Celebs LOVE the Chloe Paraty bag

Alessandra Ambrosio looking casual in wearing her white Chloe Paraty over the shoulder, -looks stunning

alessandra ambrosio Chloe Paraty

Alessandra Ambrosio Chloe Paraty

Emma Roberts looking gorgeous with her oversized red Chloe Paraty. Love the blonde hair, it really suits her!

emma roberts chloe paratay Chloe Paraty

Mary Kate Olsen with her black snakeskin Chloe Paraty looking very cool

olsen twin black paraty Chloe Paraty

Kim Kardashian with her Chloe Paraty

kim kardashian chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

Lindsey Lohan with her blue Chloe Paraty

lindsey lohan chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

Kylie Minogue looking cool and casual with her python Chloe Paraty bag

kylie minogue chloe black python paraty Chloe Paraty

Rachael Zoe with black snakeskin Chloe Paraty

rachael zoe chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

Sienna Miller with red Chloe Paraty RPatz’s best friend Tom Sturridge looking not too into him…

sienna chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

sienna miller chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

Even Heidi Pratt has the Chloe Paraty!

chloe paraty1 Chloe Paraty

The Chloe Paraty Ad Campaigns

chloe paraty ad Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

Chloe Paraty on the Chloe Website

chloe paraty bags1 Chloe Paraty

chloe paraty Chloe Paraty

PinExt Chloe Paraty

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