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Chloe New Mavis

| April 2, 2010 | 0 Comments

Chloe Pony Fur New Mavis Shoulder Bag £1165

Buy through Luisa Via Roma!

chloe new mavis Chloe New Mavis

This brown and black pony fur Chloe new Mavis Shoulder bag is super cute. The leather on this Chloe New Mavis shoulder bag has such a stunning shine to it. It looks incredibly silky and soft. The  bag has a long adjustable brown leather strap which allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. It’s definitely got the boho hip feel to it. I love the small leather buckle at the top connected to the flap pocket. It also looks like a riding saddle, this was obviously intentional since the bag is made with pony fur. The buckle resembles the riding stirrup. It also has a small leather loop handle, which allows you to carry the bag in your hands. It’s also quite small and light, so is ideal if you want something that looks absolutely gorgeous but is not too heavy or bulky. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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