Chloe Marcie Square Wallet

Chloe Marcie Square Wallet Chloe Marcie Square WalletChloe Marcie Wallet £250

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This beautiful Chloe Marcie Square Wallet is absolutely exquisite. The exact wallet match for the Chloe Marcie, this Chloe Marcie Wallet is ultra cool and hip. The Chloe Marcie bag is a huge celeb favourite, and is a massive hit. So if you get the Chloe marcie hobo, you should definately get the Chloe marcie wallet to match, and vice versa! Like it’s hobo counterpart, the chloe marcie wallet is made with 100% calfskin. I love the little gold hoop clasp on the Chloe marcie wallet and the dual little toggles. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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