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Chloe Heloise

| April 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

Chloe large Heloise Leather Bag £899

Buy through Luisa Via Roma!

chloe heloise bag Chloe HeloiseI adore this Chloe Heloise leather bag, and it’s not just because of the name! My name is Chloe and my middle name is Louise, so this bag has a very similar name to mine – Chloe Heloise! I prefer the name Heloise though. It’s more exotic. Louise is so plain and boring! I’ve never liked my middle name. In fact, when I was about 7 I decided to change it to Gemma, because I had a friend called Gemma and liked her name. However, I never got it legally changed, so I guess I’m stuck with the name Louise…! Anyway, back to the bag. Apart from the name, I am in love with this Chloe bag. The soft pastel tan leather is a signature Chloe color, and in my mind, speaks class, youthfulness, quality and has a certain air of innocence. The short braided shoulder strap gives it a youthful twist, and the pleated leather gives it a smart air of sophisticated, reminds me of a pleated skirt. There is also a small popper pocket at the front top of the bag, which I think is such a cool unique feature. Great for storing cards, or loose change. This Chloe Heloise leather bag would make a great bag for work. It’s smart, sophisticated, and stunning! Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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