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Chloe Ethel Doctor Bag

| April 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

chloe ethel Chloe Ethel Doctor Bag

Chloe Ethel Tote £865

Buy through Luisa Via Roma!

This Chloe Ethel Doctor Bag has got to be one of the coolest trendiest looking Chloe bags I have seen. The shape and size of the Chloe Ethel tote make it very similar to a sports bag, but of course, it is much smaller, and could only be used as a day bag. The Chloe Ethel tote is simply stunning, and as usual, with Chloe bags, the beauty is in the exquisite detail, and soft luscious leathers. This Chloe Ethel tote is no exception. The light cream leather has a kind of wax shine to it. The two oak leather straps, which are attached to the bag each by a large gold rectangle, also, quite a typical Chloe feature (they love their large metal accents, like the padlock on the Paddington bag) and complement the color of the bag beautifully. The Chloe Ethel tote also has a long strap, allowing you to free up your hands and wear it as a cross body bag or shoulder bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

chloe ethel Chloe Ethel Doctor Bag

PinExt Chloe Ethel Doctor Bag


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