Chloe Aurore Tote

chloe aurore tan Chloe Aurore ToteChloe Aurore Tote £960

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The Chloe Aurore Tote is a simply stunning bag. I am madly in love with this bag. The shape is very similar to the classic speedy tote from Louis Vuitton. It’s practical, versatile, and beautiful. The Chloe Aurore Tote is made with soft luxurious leather, which oozes quality, beauty and luxury, like all of Chloe’s bags. I particularly love the shape of the Chloe Aurore bag though. It’s just so classy. The zip extends front the bottom of the side of the bag across to the bottom of the other side, which is incredibly unique and different. Great if you want to easily see the entire content of your bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

chloe aurore3 Chloe Aurore Tote

Jessica Alba looking beautiful with her Chloe Aurore Tote

Chloe Aurore Jessica Alba Chloe Aurore Tote

Alexa Chung looking hot with her Chloe Aurore

alexa chung chloe aurore Chloe Aurore Tote

Eva Mendes with her Chloe Aurore

eva mendes chloe aurore Chloe Aurore Tote

Rachael Bilson with her Chloe Aurore

rachael bilson chloe aurore Chloe Aurore Tote

rachael bilson chloe aurore1 Chloe Aurore Tote

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