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Mulberry Alexa Pony

mulberry alexa pony Mulberry Alexa Pony

Mulberry Alexa Pony £2152

I have to comment on the Mulberry Alexa Pony. Made with pony hair, but in the design of a tiger print, this is truly a unique variation of the Mulberry Alexa. Utterly gorgeous, this bag is so beautiful, it shines! The leather details, ie. Shoulder strap, top handle and buckles are made with a dark reptile leather. The interior of this Mulberry Pony embodies a leather pattern. This is definitely a pricier version of the Mulberry Alexa, but extremely special. – A one off, one of a kind. I think if you are looking for something different, unique and something that is going to make you the envy of all your friends, you have definitely found it in the Mulberry Alexa Pony. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel

Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel

Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel £1,650

The Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel is the latest and greatest of the Mulberry Alexa’s. As I am sure you are well aware, the Mulberry Alexa is the 2010 Mulberry classic. The Alexa has actually quickly become an iconic bag, and everyone who is anyone wants an Alexa. The Mulberry Alexa was fashioned after British style icon, Alexa Chung. The Alexa by Mulberry is synonymous with British style. The latest addition to the collection is this Mulberry Alexa Haircalf Satchel. The Haircalf Alexa is simply drool worthy. I saw a picture of Alexa Chung sporting this version of the Mulberry Satchel a few months ago, and knew it was going to be huge. Now the Mulberry Alexa Haircalf is finally available, and now is your chance to get one. The Alexa Haircalf recently sold out and now it’s back in stock, so make sure you grab yourself one quickly before it disappears into the abyss, never so resurface…  Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Mini Patent Leopard Alexa

mini alexa Mulberry Mini Patent Leopard Alexa

Mulberry Mini Alexa £506

The Mulberry Mini Alexa is another new version of the hit bag: the Mulberry Alexa. The mini Mulberry Alexa is a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the Mulberry Alexa. The Mulberry mini Alexa is available in brown, black and watermelon. The Mulberry mini Alexa is a great alternative to the larger Mulberry Alexa. Its lightweight and makes a great cross body bag. The mulberry mini Alexa is a really cute alternative to its big sister, the Mulberry Alexa. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Natural Summer Tweed Alexa Bag

mulberry alexa Mulberry Natural Summer Tweed Alexa BagMulberry Natural Summer Tweed Alexa Bag £785

The Mulberry Natural Summer Tweed Alexa Bag is the new variation of the crazy popular iconic Mulberry Alexa. I am madly in love with this soft natural tan color on the Mulberry Alexa. It makes a superb summer bag (great if you’re going away this winter or even for next summer) and also goes incredibly well for this Autumn. The tan color will complement yor new camel colored wardrobe to a T. The Mulberry Natural summer tweed Alexa is a must have. It’s like a cool version of the Mulberry Bayswater: it’s an investment. The tweed texture gives it a warm feeling, perfect for the upcoming autumn months. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £785

Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa

Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa Pink Oversized Mulberry Alexa

Mulberry Pink Oversized Alexa £731

The Mulberry Alexa has proven to be a massive hit and a huge success story for Mulberry. The Mulberry Alexa has become the iconic bag, up there with the Mulberry Bayswater. Inspired by fashion icon and model Alexa Chung, the Mulberry Alexa epitomises London chic. Now available in hot pink, the pink Mulberry Alexa is a gorgeous addition to the collection and allows you to express your girly femininity. This unique Mulberry Alexa is guaranteed to get you noticed for being a fashion forward gal who is on top of her fashion game. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Black Alexa

mulberry black alexa Mulberry Black AlexaMulberry Black oversized Alexa £785 & £925

The Black Mulberry Alexa is this years It bag. Every cool fashionista has one, and it really is the ultimate status symbol. These bags have been selling out fast, and are likely to continue to do so. So if you want it, get it now, before it sells out! The black Mulberry Alexa is quite rare. Even though black is the most practical color, for some reason, it has been really hard to find. Thankfully, we now have one at our disposal, so take advantage while you still can. I have to say, I have checked out all the Mulberry Alexa’s in person, and I was very tempted to buy the black Alexa. The black Mulberry Alexa is definitely my favourite. The color, for some reason, goes so well with the messenger satchel look. It’s also elegant and stylish and goes with any outfit. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £785 & £925

Mulberry Shiny Leopard Alexa Clutch

mulberry leopard alexa clutch Mulberry Shiny Leopard Alexa Clutch

Mulberry Shiny Leopard Alexa Clutch $695

Yay! It’s finally in stock! This Mulberry Shiny Leopard Alexa Clutch is in huge demand and up until recently was not in stock anywhere. Grab your hands on this baby while you still can. The Mulberry Alexa has proven itself to be quite a bag phenomenon. Massively popular, and inspired by fashion icon, Alexa Chung, the Mulberry shiny leopard alexa clutch is simply gorgeous, I can see it going incredibly well with denim and is a good compromise if you think the Alexa satchel is a bit pricey. The clutch is quite large and can house most of your essentials. The only drawback is that you have to hold it in your hands. Buy through Shopbop $695

Yellow Mulberry Alexa

yellow mulberry alexa Yellow Mulberry AlexaMulberry Yellow Alexa Satchel $1,150

The Mulberry Alexa is this years it bag, inspired by British style icon Alexa Chung, it’s got everything an it bag is supposed to have. It’s got the cleb endorsement (not only does Alexa Chung love it, but the bag was designed after her) it’s got the it-bag factor: the size, the shape, the cool buckle details and its at the top of every fashionistas wish list.

The Mulberry yellow buffalo leather Alexa satchel is a great summers bag. The yellow color is so bright, sunny, and uplifting. The satchel has a plaited top handle and two large buckled prominent straps at the front of the bag. This Mulberry Butter Alexa also features a long detachable adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to wear it over the shoulder or as a cross body bag, -which is incredibly popular at the moment. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Black Mulberry Alexa Clutch

black alexa clutch Black Mulberry Alexa ClutchMulberry Black Alexa Clutch $895

The Alexa clutch has become something of a cult classic. People are going crazy for the Mulberry Alexa. It’s become the new it bag. Designed after British style icon, Alexa Chung, the Alexa like its female muse, solidly oozes the cool factor. The black Alexa clutch is a smaller version of the classic Alexa satchel, and is great for a night out to carry your essentials. The clutch is characterised by a black-pebbled leather and features two snake embossed patent buckled straps with magnetic snap closures. The front flap has a turn lock closure, silver plate with the mulberry logo. The lined interior has a small pocket. If you think the Alexa satchel is too pricey and the pink Alexa leopard clutch is too out there, this could be the one for you. The black Alexa clutch is sexy, stylish and iconic. Only two left. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Mulberry Alexa Leopard Clutch

Mulberry pink leopard alexa Mulberry Alexa Leopard Clutch

Pink Alexa Leopard Clutch $695

This pink leopard Mulberry Alexa clutch is gorgeous. I am in love… The sheer beauty of it is astounding. Everything about this clutch is pure perfection. The fuscia color of this Alexa clutch combined with the black leopard print in the classic Mulberry Alexa design is pure genius. This is the perfect clutch if you want to jazz up an outfit with some color and just want to take something small and light with you. It’s ideal if you want something to put your bare essentials in, like lip gloss, money, moisteriser, and tissues.  This pink leopard Alexa clutch is also very affordable. Only $695 through Shopbop. Free worldwide shipping. Free Returns. Also check out the gorgeous pink Mulberry Alexa Leopard bag to match. The Alexa clutch is also available in blackBuy through Luisa Via Roma