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Fendi Chameleon

fendi chameleon bag Fendi ChameleonFendi Chameleon Totes

The Fendi Chameleon is one of the latest Fendi bags, and I absolutely LOVE it. The Fendi Chameleon comes in a range of colors and I forsee it as becoming the next it bag. lets face it, the Fendi Chameleon has everything going for it. It has style, class, comes in a wide range of colours, and is incredibly classy. The navy blue Fendi Chameleon is a very expensive look and feel to it. the beautiful navy blue leather is incredible luxurious, and the gold hardware and gorgeous inner lining just add to its sophistication and class. The interesting design on the Fendi Chameleon is unique and original, and the otter stitching is in the shape of an intriging pattern. The Fendi Chameleon has dual shoulder straps and one long detachable cross body strap. The Fendi Chameleon is available in various dual toned designs (see below). Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Celebrites LOVE the Fendi Chameleon

Kylie Minogue fendi chameleon Fendi Chameleon

Kylie Minogue at the airport with her brown Fendi Chameleon

Jessica hart fendi chameleon Fendi Chameleon

Jessica Hart Rocking the casual smart look with her Fendi Chameleon

emma stone fendi chameleon Fendi Chameleon

Emma Stone at the airport with her practical Fendi Chameleon bag

blake lively fendi chameleon Fendi Chameleon

Blake Lively looking lively with her multicolor Fendi Chameleon 

fendi cameleon Fendi Chameleon

Givenchy Antigona

Givenchy Antigona1 Givenchy AntigonaGivenchy Antigona tote £1297

Buy through Luisa Via Roma!

The Givenchy Antigona Tote is a simply gorgeous, classy, classic tote. The Givenchy Antigona Tote makes a perfect day bag. The Antigona bag is made with beautiful, high quality, brown snakeskin material. The Antigona tote by Givenchy embodies an almost rustic feel, but at the same time is incredibly high end and polished. The gold zip against the brown snakeskin is a stunning combination. The style and shape of the Givenchy Antigona bag is similar to the Givenchy Nightingale. I prefer the Givenchy Antigona bag though. The Givenchy Antigona tote embodies class, style, and success. It’s solid, durable, sexy, and embodies depth and substance. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Amanada Seyfried looking gorgeous with her Navy blue Givenchy Antigona Tote

Amanda Seyfried givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Ashley Greene with her Black Givenchy Antigona Tote

ashley greene givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Charlize Theron looking ultra stylish with her black Givenchy Antigona

charlise theron givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Charlize Theron looking beautiful with her Givenchy Antigona

Charlize Theron Givenchy Antigona Givenchy Antigona

Gwenyth Paltrow with her Black Givenchy Antigona Tote

givenchy antigona gwenyth paltrow Givenchy Antigona

Lara Stone looking GORGEOUS with the Givenchy Antigona on her arm

Lara Stone Givenchy Antigona Givenchy Antigona

Kris Jenner is very with it with her Givenchy Antigona

kris jenner givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Madonna looking hip in purple with her Givenchy Antigona

madonna givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Rihanna looking stylish and chic as always rocking her Givenchy Antigona Tote

rihana givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

January Jones with her Black Givenchy Antigona tote

givenchy antigona january jones Givenchy Antigona

January Jones Givenchy Antigona Givenchy Antigona

january jones givenchy antigona tote Givenchy Antigona


Kelly Rowland Givenchy Antigona

kelly rowland givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Zoe Saldana looking beautiful and smart with her Givenchy Antigona tote

givenchy antigona zoe saldana Givenchy Antigona

givenchy antigona tote zoe saldana Givenchy Antigona

Khloe Kardashian rocking her Givenchy Antigonas

khloe and lamar givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

khloe kardashian givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

khloe givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

kourtney and khloe kardashian givenchy antigona Givenchy Antigona

Clare Danes Givenchy Antigona Givenchy Antigona

Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie rose Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie Hobo

The Chloe Marcie Bag is the latest Chloe bag to hit the scene and is featured in a lot of Chloe’s latest ad campaigns. I personally think that the Marcie is stunning. It has a smart look, but at the same time it’s casual and beautiful. The Chloe Marcie actually has a bit of a French Connection vibe. Maybe because it’s smart but also great quality and edgy. Of course, it’s much better quality than French Connection, but it just has that kind feel to it. Chloe is one of my favourite brands (and that’s not just because my name is Chloe!) I really think that Chloe creates the most beautiful bags out there. They are incredibly high quality, look simple and stunning, and the leather is to die for. The style of the Chloe Marcie is really gorgeous. The Marcie practical, stylish, distinctive, and beautiful. The front of the Chloe Marcie has a flap, and has a more accessibly pocket other than the main one. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

marcie1 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie11 Chloe Marcie

chloe red marcie Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie brown2 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie black1 Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie blue Chloe Marcie

marcie2 Chloe Marcie

Celebs Sporting the Fabulous Chloe Marcie

Anna Paquin looking cute with her beautiful Chloe Black Marcie

Anna Paquin Chloe Marcie Black Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie on Katie Holmes’s arm, Suri in the other

Screen Shot 2012 01 13 at 18.13.00 Chloe Marcie

Emma Stone with her Chloe Marcie

chloe marcie celeb Chloe Marcie

Emma Stone Chloe Marcie Chloe Marcie

Reese Witherspoon sporting the gorgeous Chloe Marcie

reese withspoon chloe marcie Chloe Marcie

Jessica Alba with her gorgeous little her and her gorgeous Chloe Marcie

jessica alba chloe marcie1 Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie Ads

The Chloe oak Marcie looks absolutely gorgeous with this outfit. The Marcie makes the perfect bag for work. Looks so stunning with the beige pants and light blue shirt.

chloe marcie ad1 Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie is beige, -I prefer the brown

chloe marcie advert Chloe Marcie

Chloe Snakeskin Marcie’s. These look expensive!

chloe marcie ad Chloe Marcie

Chloe Marcie as seen on the Chloe Website

chloe marcie1 Chloe Marcie