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Burberry Prorsum Perforated Bag

| February 17, 2010 | 0 Comments

Burberry Prorsum Taupe Perforated Bag2 Burberry Prorsum Perforated BagBurberry Prorsum Perforated Leather Bag £919

The stunning Burberry Prorsum Perforated Bag is a serious must have. -its sexy, cool and sultry. The perforated leather exterior gives the bag an intriguing look as there is a slight hint of the burberry check underneath, but its not obvious nor in your face, which is why its cool. The Burberry Prorsum Perforated Bag has a great roomy pouch shape, which is what makes it the perfect day bag. You can carry all your stuff in in it and still look incredibly smart, stylish and cool. The interior of this luxury Burberry Prorsum bag is of extremely high quality and durability. Lets face it, this bag is a sleek, sexy, one of a kind. You are guaranteed to attract admiring glances wherever you go with this baby! The Burberry Prorsum Taupe Perforated Bag comes in two colours: brown and beige. Buy through Luisa via roma

Burberry Prorsum Perforated bags as with Emma Watson’s brother

burberry prorsum perforated bag Burberry Prorsum Perforated Bag

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