Botkier Brooklyn Hobo

botkier brooklyn hobo Botkier Brooklyn Hobo

Botkier Brooklyn Hobo $499

Botkier is one of the coolest brands out for handbags. I’ve seen loads of fashionistas wearing them, and they look adorable. The Botkier Brooklyn hobo is one of my favourites. It makes a great every day casual bag. Made with soft supple leather, the Brooklyn Botkier hobo features woven leather strips with beautiful flowing leather tassels at the bottom (a Botkier signature feature). The Botkier Brooklyn Hobo comes in Natural snake, crinkle black, and cement. The crinkle black botkier Brooklyn hono is a great edgy biker girl type od bag. The natural snake botkier Brooklyn hono has more of a sophisticated cool, hip hop cool feel, (my favourite) and the cement is a bag that will blend into any outfit. The stunner in my opinion is the snake. Buy all three through Zappos $499

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