Balmain Glitter Tote

Balmain Glitter Tote Balmain Glitter ToteBalmain Glitter Swarovski Tote £3225

I think I have died and gone to heaven. In all my years of bag dissecting, I have never come across anything quite so incredibly stunning. This incredibly gorgeous Balmain glitter tote reminds me of an ultra glamorous doctor bag. The colors are simply to die for, and are very balmain. The gold brass has an almost olive green tinge to it, and the sparkling crystals really give this balmain glitter tote it’s air of opulence. To me, this balmain tote is the height of opulence. But it is so worth it. The balmain glitter tote features a top handle allowing you to carry it in your hands and a longer shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it over the should or wear as a cross body bag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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