Balenciaga Large Paper Bag

Balenciaga Large Paper Bag Balenciaga Large Paper BagLarge Paper Bag by Balenciaga £895

The Balenciaga Large Paper Bag is part of the Spring 2011 collection. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! This bag is beautiful, girly, cool, trendy, and stunning. Available in large and extra large, this Balenciaga Large Paper bag epitomizes glamor, what with the shimmering nature of the material. The soft pink is beautifully complemented by the silver shimmer on the bag. With this bag on your arm, you will immediately look sexier, cooler and more trendy. The Balenciaga Large Paper bag  has the same shape and style as the  famous, hugely popular classic Balenciaga bag. This one is just more current and more 2011. Shimmer is in, and here to stay! Also available in black and different sizes. Buy through Luisa Via Roma £895

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