Balenciaga Arena Cross body bag

Balenciaga Day Bag Balenciaga Arena Cross body bagBalenciaga Arena Punched Day Bag £885

Here’s a new version of the Balenciaga Day Bag, and I love it! Let me introduce the Balenciaga punched day bag. The Balenciaga punched day bag has an almost ethnic feel to it. A cool, boho, ethnic vibe on a beautiful white leather. The Balenciaga punched day bag incorporates the shape of the traditional Balenciaga Day bag, but this new punched version features beautiful holes in the bag and cute bobbles, giving it its ethnic style. The top handle has an interested weave design, adding to its ethnicity. Overall, the Balenciaga punched day bag is a winner of a bag. Buy through Luisa via roma £885

 Nina Ricci with her Balenciaga Arena bag

Balenciaga Arena Cross body bag Balenciaga Arena Cross body bagday bag balenciaga Balenciaga Arena Cross body bag

Katie Holmes with her Balenciaga day bag (not the punched version though)

PinExt Balenciaga Arena Cross body bag

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