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Alexander wang leopard jane bag Alexander Wang JaneAlexander Wang Jane Bag

This gorgeous Alexander Wang Jane Bag with Nickel Hardware is definitely a take on the Givenchy Pandora. The box like bag really embodies the box shape of the Pandora, especially the way the shoulder strap is attached to the back of the Alexander Wang Jane Bag with Nickel Hardware, this is very Givenchy Pandora. I love Wang’s take on the bag. He’s given the Pandora a twist and made it his own with the Jane. The soft supple leather is very characteristic of Alexander Wang, and the nickel zips are a real giveaway. If you like the Givenchy Pandora, and also love Alexander Wang’s style, then the Alexander Wang Jane Bag is the bag for you! Available in multiple colors. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

Rosie Huntington Whitley with her Leopard Jane bag by Alexander Wang

Alexander wang Jane Rossie Huntington Whitley Alexander Wang Jane

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