Alexander McQueen Hells knuckleduster clutch

knuckleduster1 Alexander McQueen Hells knuckleduster clutchKnuckleduster clutch by Alexander McQueen

The ALEXANDER MCQUEEN knuckle duster clutch is the most recent addition to the Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutches. The soft mauve McQueen knuckleduster clutch is definitely by a million miles my absolute favourite McQueen knuckleduster clutch. The knuckleduster clutch by McQueen gives the impression that you are bold, daring and not scared to experiment with the goth, yet you are also pretty and girly (because of the pink). The knuckleduster clutches are almost like a piece of jewellery. Featuring a gold skulls and other jewels. The knuckleduster clutches by Alexander MxQueen is almost bordering on Thomas Sabo, what with the skulls and bold gothic designs. The McQueen Knuckledusters come in a range of unique design and colors as you can see below. Click on the image to purchase. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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