Alexander McQueen Devil Skull Clutch

Alexander McQueen Devil Skull Clutch1 Alexander McQueen Devil Skull ClutchAlexander McQueen Devil Skull Clutch £1045

The Alexander McQueen devil Skull Clutch is so incredibly cool I am struggling to find the right words to describe it. I mean, the skull clutches were cool in the their own right (and incredibly popular) but THIS baby puts those babies to shame! The new version of the skull clutch features horns. I am undecided whether this skull looks more like a devil or a viking. I am moving towards the viking. Whatever it is, it is unquestionably cool. The clutch features a thin braided wristlet, allowing you to wear the clutch over your wrist. This baby will definitely make people not want to mess with you! Take the plunge and give off the scary bold vibe with the Alexander McQueen Devil Skull Clutch. Buy through Luisa Via Roma

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